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Great experience! They did the sonogram twice, once with the tech and again with Dr. Abbassi. She made sure everything was great with the baby and walked me thru every step of what she was looking at/for. She also eased my concerns regarding delivery option choices and best options given previous blood clot issues. So grateful to have her on my delivery team!
- Samantha Foster
I absolutely love this place and always receive the best from everyone that works there! I’ve been going for two years now for two pregnancies and see Dr. Rodriquez and would highly recommend her and her staff to anyone. They are all so personable and I love that it’s so relaxed and comfortable talking to them all ❤️
- Amy B.
I was recommended to Dr.Trimmer (High-risk) by my obgyn, absolutely loved him!! He is so caring for moms and baby itself. My pregnancy was crazy enough knowing my baby was big, every time I'd go he made sure to help me see what could possibly happen, the percentage rate of delivering on my dd, everything to detail. I would recommend him myself!! The nurse that works along with him is extremely nice. Front desk, amazing. I really liked this office, I have no complaints!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Itzel C.
I am late posting this as my daughter is 13 months old now. Seems like I was just pregnant with her! I really wanted to thank Dr. Kenneth Trimmer for everything he did for me helping me to maintain a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. I lived closer to their Dallas/Plano location but because of Dr. Trimmer, I drove to where ever he was if that meant I would see a doctor who actually took their time and made sure you delivered a healthy baby. I am so grateful to him. I was an IVF patient who was already nervous leaving my IVF doctor because I have had some issues with bleeding and a stillbirth in the past, along with an incompetent cervix in the past pregnancy. I saw 2 doctors prior to Dr. Trimmer who both refused to listen to me or my IVF doctors recommendations for me to have a cerclage sooner than later due to my history. I actually saw Dr. Trimmer on a fluke because the new Dr. I had scheduled with was out sick so it was meant for me to see Dr. Trimmer. As soon as Dr. Trimmer came in to assess me, he noticed right away that my cervix was shortening. He took his time reviewing the ultrasound and actually listened to me. He scheduled me for my cerclage the next day. I was 14 weeks 6 days. I really believe if it wasn’t for his intervention, I would have probably had a pregnancy where I was on bed rest the entire time or worse not able to finish out my pregnancy. I also wanted to mention the staff at his office in las Colinas was also wonderful, every time I came to this office; I felt a sense of relief and could relax because I really felt they were through and if something were wrong, they would find it. Thank you I am forever great full to everyone at the las Colinas office.
- Devon N.
Dr. Abbassi and team have been nothing short of amazing. I'm so thankful for the referral from my OB. I couldn't have asked for a better provider through such an uncertain time. Thank you!!
- Liz L.
Dr. Abassi is great! She’s been such a huge help through my pregnancy. She’s informative, and listens to all your concerns, even if not related to the baby. I wish she was delivering my baby because she has made me feel so comfortable and taken care of.
- Maliah P.
Really appreciate going to Dr. Trimmer. This is my second pregnancy. He is so detailed orientated and goes into detail of what he is seeing in the ultra sound. Like something I don’t get he explains it. Will definitely recommend
- Noemi Bravo
Dr. Marrs always does such a great job explaining everything that I am usually left with no questions which is great! They are also quick but not in a way that makes me feel rushed, my visits are always pleasant.
- Marely Burkart
Dr. Trimmer is beyond the best! As well as the rest of the staff! Very fast service and so detailed when it comes to getting my ultrasounds, does NOT leave anything out and love that he explains what/where he’s looking at during ultrasounds when checking my baby from head to toes. Always making sure, I don’t leave without any unanswered questions and the staff are super nice and caring!
- Rickah T.
Dr. Rodriguez was super sweet and very professional. She always made sure she answered all my questions thoroughly and made me feel at ease at every visit. Always was in great spirit, loved going to her. Totally recommend her and if I could give 10 stars, I definitely would. Her staff was very nice as well.
- Valeria M.
Recently had and met Dr. Rodriguez for my checkup, and she made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. She asks questions and she made sure she lets me know what was going on, what to do and expect. She was informative and thorough. She made sure everything was okay before I leave her.
- Williana N.
Dr. Abbassi is very caring and patient. Every appointment she makes sure to give you the time you need and ask the questions you may have. Her staff are also great and very informative. I highly recommend, they are a great group of people.
- Jackie K.